Northeast Ohio's
Leader in Holistic
Wound Care Management

Providing continuity of care for our patients

Our mission is to provide continuity of care for our patients through all transitions, and in collaboration with our partners in healthcare, creating a community that works together to provide the best possible healing outcomes.

Comprehensive Surgical Wound Care Services with 25 Years Of Experience

Surgical Wound Care Services was founded by Dr. Paul Ferraro, D.O., a board-certified General Surgeon with 15 years of experience in surgery and wound care. He was inspired to pursue surgery during his nearly 10 years of service as a special forces medic. Wound care management is the perfect marriage of his experiences, from emergency treatment on the battlefield to surgical care at patients’ bedsides.

Our Areas of Expertise

Wound/Ostomy Care

Build trusting relationships with our patients through continuous contact and evaluation.

Bedside Procedures

Our qualified wound care specialists provide high-quality holistic wound care and wound prevention.

Long-Term Care

SWCS aligns with all pharmacy and wound care formularies and protocols of each facility.

Why our continuity of care practice benefits our patient

Our goal is to develop a continuity of care for our patients that allows them to ease from hospitalization to Long Term Acute Care, Skilled Nursing Facility, Long Term Care, and Outpatient Wound Care. This continuity opens the door to high-quality, value-based care. We are seeing faster healing times, fewer re-hospitalizations, and decreased healthcare costs.